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"Exercise" and then lose weight, but "fat&quo
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Dołączyła: 29 Kwi 2020
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Wysłany: 2020-07-02, 09:27   "Exercise" and then lose weight, but "fat&quo

Physics taught us to understand that Our weight is the force due to the acceleration due to gravity. (gravitational acceleration; g) act on object mass or ourselves The easiest way to lose weight without having to do anything is to move to live on another planet. If we weigh 50 kilograms on Earth, if we weigh on other stars we weigh 8.28 kilograms on the moon, 45.55 kilograms on Venus, 19 kilograms on Mars. And 3.5 kg on Pluto, but we still can't travel to live on other planets at this time. People who are worried about excess weight There is still a need to maintain discipline of eating and exercising inevitably In a cruel world of delicious food The goal of a good body is Each person has different goals. Some people want to lose fat and increase muscle shape to look good and slim. Or models and models Causing many people to find that After attending the body care course Weight returned more than before. But with a better shape Until it appeared to be thinner Because muscle mass replaces the lost fat mass But for some people, losing weight requires only fat mass.These things should be discussed with a doctor because each person's body is specific.

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