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Pro¶by i pytania do adminów - China responds to foreign intervention in domestic affairs

Busba1122 - 2020-06-09, 10:58
Temat postu: China responds to foreign intervention in domestic affairs
The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on May 29 that it is ready to respond to foreign governments. Including the United States that is trying to interfere with Chinese domestic affairs due to the Chinese government preparing to enact new security laws against Hong Kong Amid fears that people on the island of Hong Kong will be deprived of more freedom.
Previously, the US, UK, Australia and Canada have issued a joint statement blaming China's new security law that will be enforced on Hong Kong Island soon. Specified as considered erosion rights and freedom Both intercept economic wealth And security stability on Hong Kong Island Which the Chinese government rejects international criticisms As the US government headed by Mr Mike Pompom, foreign minister Hong Kong may be reduced special trade status with the United States. Which the law of the United States will hold Hong Kong equivalent to the Chinese government As for the British government Pending proposals for holders of British citizens' passports outside of the country, or the BNO may move permanently to become a British citizen in the future if the Chinese government enforces a new security law Currently, Hong Kong citizens hold approximately 300,000 British citizens' passports, all of which have the right to stay in the UK without a visa for 6 months.

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